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Drip bags and do they really work?

Wildlife Research Ultimate Scrape Dripper

There are a number of different styles on the market today, but they all work basically the same in that when the temperature rises even if it is caused by direct sunlight on the bag, the bag begins to drip. As a hunter, you are looking at these products to simulate a deer coming and going in an area and to bring in and hold one that is already present.

You can pick-up the Wildlife Research Ultimate Scrape Dripper from a number of sporting goods stores for around 11.00 to 21.00 if you go with the kit. I use three of these for my set-ups.

Dominate Buck Lure

SO I will start off with the buck scrapes and how we use this products in unison with them. A buck will make a scrape (a spot on the ground that is usually down to bare dirt where he will urinate) to let that doe in the area know he is there and for them to urinate in this scrape when they want him.

From my own experience, I have seen more than one buck visit that scrape and work it back up urinating before leaving. That's where our drip bags can come into play. We will buy early on dominate buck lure from Tinks and Code Blue and either use one of these scraps or make our own.

We take and fill the bag to the full mark and place it directly above the scrape so that it will drip directly into the scrape. Be sure it's high enough that the buck can't reach it. I have had bucks come in aggressive and take their antlers to flip the drip bag in mid air if they can reach it.

So how does this help us? Well that drip bag will only start to drip out that dominate buck lure in the morning during legal shooting hours with it needing the sun or a rise in temperatures to do what it's suppose to do. This will start to get the buck to try and visit the area when the other buck (our dominate scent) is there to ward him off.

I tend to stay away from using any of the doe in heat lures in the early part of the season and in our area that means until around the early part of November. You know your area better than most and if you do some research, you can pinpoint when the rut has started in your area.

Doe In Heat or Estrous

Same set-up using the same scrapes. By changing over to doe in heat products, you now will increase your chances of bringing in and keeping that buck in the area. Remember that there is usually more than one buck using these scrapes and if your after the older dominate buck in the area, you are going to have to develop patients and pass on those younger ones.

This is also the chase period and if a buck is already with a hot doe, he will not use those scrapes again until he has finished with her. I also like to use these bags during these times along the edge of meadows and wooded sections that I know for a fact that the doe's are using these areas.

The buck if not already with a doe, will continue to check his scraps downwind and be constantly checking areas that contain the local doe population. More than once have I seen a buck stick his head out just far enough to scan the fields and then dart back into cover to go to the next location.

I always tell other hunters that during these times...hunt over the doe's. If you stick with see doe's on a daily bases, you have increased your odds that the buck in your area will eventually venture out to check these doe's to see if any are coming around.

Conclusion: I have had great luck using the Wildlife Research Ultimate Scrape Dripper with the right lure and the right time and even harvested a buck scoring 143 Boone & Crocket using the doe in heat set-up. I found the buck bedded down right next to the drip bag.


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