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This coming Saturday April 13th in Gouverneur NY at 2pm in the Park we are holding a rally. So if any of you can clear your schedule to come show support and send a message downstate, it would be greatly appreciated.

There are going to be a number of guest speakers from around the county. This is going to be a rain or shine event. If you want to protect your rights...not just the 2nd amendment...all amendments....please come and get involved.

Fighting Battles to win the war - where do you stand?

We are fighting battles daily here in NY to protect gun owners everywhere. We here at New York Hunter stands behind the sportsmen and gun owners when it comes to the second amendment. We don't understand why all but three counties voted to toss the Safe Act and our Governor refuses to hear from the people he is suppose to represent.

Get involved now before it becomes to late. We already have the strictest gun laws now in this state compared to elsewhere. Are you as tired as we are of them using the Sandy Hook tragedy to push their agendas? That CT has in place stricter laws  already and it didn't prevent it.

Join your local groups and if you don't have one...start one now! Its time to push back and let our politicians know we are unwilling to stand for back room deals and agenda that do not represent what we want.

Yes we are going to show them at the polls and everyone that has been part of this corruption, shady deals and voting for laws they don't even take the time to read are going to get booted.

Its time to take our rights back and send a message to those that are suppose to represent us. Need help starting a group, a website or anything else? We can help!

Our Parent Company e-Edie's Incorporated has offered a generous gift of free hosting to any anti gun control groups from any county or state. 

One group to visit is Northern New York Freedom Fighters

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In the fast paced world we live in its even more important now than ever to take the time to get out into the woods for some quality downtime. Take a youngster hunting and continue the family traditions and values, you won't regret it

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